Anemoia Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program Guidelines


The Anemoia Ambassador Program is an invite-only program available to our most loyal customers, friends, and partners. The program runs on a rolling 3-month timeline, to be reviewed and considered by both partners to make sure that objectives are being met, and that the program remains a good fit.

Program Goals

While staying true to our company values and brand voice, and be mutually beneficial for both us and our partners, the Anemoia Ambassador Program aims to:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase social media presence
  • Engage our audience
  • Generate enthusiasm



  • $600 in combined sales/purchases in the last 3 calendar months, including at least:
    • $300 in sales from 3+ referred customers
    • $100 in personal purchases

An active social media presence

  • Public accounts with 1,000+ followers
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • TikTok, Snapchat, or Twitter
  • 1 post per week on 4 platforms utilizing relevant, trending content
  • Engage with posts made by Anemoia - like, comment, share
  • Cooperate with any active campaigns run by Anemoia & Co.
  • Check-in on social when present at the store or store-related events


  • Google review of Anemoia & Co.
  • Review all purchased products, and those received via Ambassador program, on

Presence & Participation

  • Promote and regularly attend Anemoia & Co. events
    • For smaller events, choose which ones you want to attend, but we request somewhat regular attendance whenever possible
    • We need our ambassadors to represent and attend our larger events, unless extenuating circumstances prevent it
  • Meet with Anemoia Ambassador once each month of the 3-month program to brainstorm campaigns, trends, 

    Perks & Compensation

    Rewards Program

    • Receive 1x reward points on all purchases made by referred customers
    • Receive 2x reward points on your own purchases
    • Receive 25 points for each new follower you bring to Anemoia & Co.’s social media accounts
    • Receive 50 points for each verified product review from customers from your own fan base
    • Receive 100 points for each brand review from a new customer from your own fan base
    • Unlock discounts on non-discountable products

    Product Freebies

    • Receive free product for evaluation, along with freebies from vendors
    • Receive exclusive birthday and holiday gifts from Anemoia & Co.
    • Free Anemoia & Co. swag

    Cross-Promotion of Your Brand

    • Be listed on the Friends of Anemoia board
    • Have your own relevant content shared on our own social media platforms
    • Potential for collaboration on your own campaigns and events