Body & Linen Powder | Annabelle

Designer: Shelley Kyle

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What it is:

A refreshing and light linen and body powder that can be used any time of the day to freshen, dry and smooth your skin.

What it does:

Our Annabelle Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free can be dusted over your body or sprinkled over your bed linens to helps absorb moisture and soften your skin, while leaving behind a refreshing fragrance that combines ten different scents.

What it does NOT contain:

Talcum powder

About Annabelle:

A scent that surprises us with simplicity, femininity and an independent spirit. Annabelle is reminiscent of tender innocence. Refreshing and clean notes of honeysuckle, pamplemousse and lily of the valley combine with the slightly spice and powder of blue peony, the feminine notes of tuberose and the earthy sweetness of lime.

Available in a gift set with a crystal dish and powder puff, or just the large, 326g bottle alone. 

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