Herbin 1670 Ink with Gold Shimmer | 50mL {multiple colors}

Designer: J. Herbin

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Color Émeraude de Chivor
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The 1670 Anniversary Collection celebrates the life of the 17th-century French adventurer, Jacques Herbin. Sailing from India, Monsueir Herbin arrived home to Paris with formulas for the now-famous Herbin inks and sealing waxes. Enhanced with a luxurious, golden metallic sheen, these highly saturated inks will add an elegant luster to all your writing.

  • Made in Paris
  • Hand bottled with wax-dipped cap and seal
  • 50mL bottle
  • This ink is for pens, never mix this ink with another. Before filling ink pot or fountain pen, rinse thoroughly. Shake the bottle well before filling the writing instrument for best results. If your pen is inactive for a while, we recommend emptying and cleaning it.

Color Stories

  • Rouge Hématite (Scarlet Red) | Pulling, thanks to its golden glitter, slightly on the brown, Hematite Red ink is intense and powerful in order to bring majesty and elegance to writing. It evoques the color of the wax that was before used to seal royal edicts.
  • Émeraud de Chivor (Emerald of Chivor) | A bluish tint with green highlights, obtained thanks to the twinkling of its golden glitter, shines brightly for an ever renewed pleasure of writing. The most famous emeralds known to have a particularly sparkling beauty date from the time of the conquistadors and come from the Chivor mines in Colombia.
  • Caroube de Chyphre (Carob of Cyprus)The intense brown of the Carob of Cyprus ink is splattered with flame-like colour reflections to give shine to its various writings. Carob is grown in many countries,including Cyprus, where it was formerly called "black gold" as, according to legend, its therapeutic virtues allowed people consuming it to reach a very old age.

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