Sudoku with Some Balls

Designer: Brass Monkey

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Numbers are boring (sorry, accountants). So this reinterpretation of Sudoku by Brass Monkey uses colored wooden balls instead. Includes 81 balls and a gamebook with hundreds of setups to solve with friends (or by yourself if you're into that). Bonus: everything stores away into the box (that is also the game board), so it's perfect for traveling.


  • Features 81 painted ball pieces that nest into the holes of the included game board
  • Perfect for traveling (or playing during mild earthquakes)
  • Includes a gamebook with hundreds of puzzles to set up and solve...alone or with friends
  • Everything (including the game board) packs away into the display-worthy box
  • Box measures 7.8" square (by 2.8" deep if you're curious)

Vintage Inspired Smartassery
Brass Monkey, launched in 2021, likes to say that they're the line between roadside souvenirs and fine china. Well designed products that just happen to have a sense of humor. Explore more products from Brass Monkey with their signature wit and vintage charm here.

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