Whiskey Cocktails {Leather Bound}

Designer: Anemoia & Co.

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For whiskey lovers around the world, this genuine leather Graphic Image edition of the Whiskey Cocktails details over 100 recipes featuring one of the world's most famous cask-aged distilled fermented grain mash spirits. 

From the Manhattan to the Mint Julep, whiskey is the foundation of some of the most iconic, old-school cocktails, and its renaissance has led to an array of innovative new creations. Whether you prefer your drinks tart and refreshing or complex and spirit-forward, this artfully curated collection features over 100 recipes for whiskey, bourbon, and rye cocktails as well as distillery profiles on Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Hartfield & Co., Heaven Hill, Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Willett, and Woodford Reserve.

This high-quality gift book includes recipes for all of these libations and more:*Gentleman's Manhattan*Perfect Old Fashioned*Rob Roy*Southern Charm*Hot Toddy*Tennessee Mule*Jack and Ginger*Black Manhattan*Whiskey Sling*South of NY Sour *Blackberry Sage Julep With such a wide variety of enduring classics and modern originals to choose from, Whiskey Cocktails is an essential guide for those looking to craft an impeccable drink.

  • Hand Bound in the USA
  • Hard Cover
  • 256 Pages
  • 7.2" H x 5.4" W


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