We are the stewards of the past. Through an intentionally curated gathering of eclectics new and old, we take the soul of yesteryear and gently place it within your reach. We revel in beautifying spaces large and small and are always willing to help you choose the perfect gift or the ideal finishing touch from our ever-evolving collection of curiosities. Count on us to be candid, never judgy. We aren't perfect and we don't pretend to be. Really, we don't trust anyone who does. Us? We're just out here doing our very best with whatever life sees fit to hand us. And we believe there's a pretty good chance you are, too. We're not crowd followers, but we've been known to please a crowd or two, sometimes unknowingly. We're always willing go the extra mile, because we've know the best places are sometimes just out of view. We just vibe like that. We're not for everyone. Never have been, never will be. Hell, we don't even try to be. We're here for our tribe. The brave, beautiful, individualists who dare to go where their heart takes them. And for those who are willing to show up with a true love for artisan works, nostalgia, and community, then welcome. Come on in and stay a while.


Ann S.

Orange Park, FL

Can't resist this shop. The most interesting and unique gifts that I have seen anywhere. I love it. You have to go to see this place. Shopping has never been so much fun.

Allison M.

Omaha, NE

My order was packed with amazing care and it got to me quickly! Love this shop so much! The owner is so awesome and I can’t wait to shop again!

Kory C.

Orange Park, FL

This is THE place to shop for gifts. Jess will answer an questions about the products and offer solutions. I love shopping for my special friends and family members here!

Destri E.

New York, NY

I’m so impressed! Such wonderful products wrapped so nicely. So much care is put into their products, I’m absolutely stunned. I will be ordering from them again.

Misty T.

Jacksonville, FL

Words cannot adequately describe the pure joy I felt in Anemoia! From vintage, eclectic, inspiring and unique, Anemoia has it all! Books, candles, apothecary, and décor is only a small part of what you will find here. 10 out of 10! You can't be disappointed here.

Amber R.

Virgina Beach, VA

Visiting Anemoia is like going on vacation to a land of loveliness, beauty, and wonderment. If you’re interested in brightening someone’s day (including your own) with a thoughtful, unique, and classy gift, I strongly recommend you shop here first.

Ann B.

New Orleans, LA

This is one of the best online stores I have ever dealt with! They ship so quickly, everything is packaged beautifully and then packed securely. I will continue to shop with Anemoia first when I am looking for unique and high quality gifts.

Sunny G.

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Anemoia is special - it literally is like stepping into a multiverse of creative possibilities. Quirky, classic, vintage and modern, creative and stylish. Anemoia is definitely an experience and destination worth the drive.Review or testimonial text