Custom Gifts and Wrapping

Gifting is our love language, and we get so much joy and fulfillment on a daily basis, by helping our awesome customers find unique and unforgettable ways to gift with heart.  

Yep, we do that too…
A wooden puzzle from Starz Puzzles, custom-framed in-store by Anemoia & Co. 


One of the gift baskets we donated to local medical facilities for
Nurse Appreciation Week.


One (of several) thoughtful care packages sent by a very special customer
to her out-of-state daughter in law, whose husband is on deployment.

A generous and thoughtful birthday gift from one of our customers
for their hairdresser, curated and packaged with the help
of the Anemoia & Co. team.

A small token of our gratitude sent to a very special out-of-state customer
who goes out of her way to support our little shop,
and sends the best hand-written notes and cards.

A gift purchased in-store by one of our customers,
wrapped, packaged, and shipped with love and care by Anemoia & Co.