642 Big Things To Write About | Young Writer’s Edition

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Creative writing (and art) can be a tricky thing to practice, especially when a student complains he has "no idea." A teacher/parent can throw a topic out there on the fly, but these writing prompts are here to help. Students can write/draw directly in this book with the prompts provided. The drawing bits can pull your artist into doing more writing! Some topics are a page long, while others are a mere paragraph or half page. Whether they work through systematically or randomly, kids love to have choice!

Here are a few examples: Draw your hair when it's messy (half pg). Write about the latest you stayed up. (1pg) Describe your favorite color and how it makes you feel (half pg). Draw 3 things in your room that are your favorite color (half pg). Describe a super power you wish you had (half pg).

If your student really wants to run with the topic, let them do it in a notebook instead. Use one of the topics as a warm-up exercise for the day. 7.5x9", 304 pgs, pb.

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