Gold Maria Theresa Curved Coin Ring Size 8

Designer: TAT2 DESIGNS

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Each coin holds a unique history, which can be seen on our Coin History page. The coins in her designs are reproductions or sections taken from the originals.


  • 24k gold plated frame and band
  • Sterling silver plated Maria Theresa of Austria coin
  • 1 1/4" height
  • Runs true to size
  • Size 8


Maria Theresia, (1717-1780), was the eldest daughter of the Holy Roman emperor Charles VI and Elizabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. She was an Austrian archduchess, and Holy Roman Empress of the Habsburg Dynasty from 1740 to 1780 and birthed Marie Antoinette and Joseph II. In 1740 she succeeded the Habsburg throne. In resistance, Frederick II’s army invaded and claimed Silesia. The war ended in 1748, after which she reformed her government and military. In 1756 Frederick II waged the Seven Years War against her. In 1765 she appointed her son her co-regent. Joseph II has been ranked, with Catherine the Great of Russia and Frederick the Great of Prussia, as one of the three great Enlightenment monarchs. His policies are now known as Josephinism. This coin circulated from 1764-1780.

About Tat2 Designs: During her travels across the globe, designer Briana Erin has collected antique coins from their native regions. She incorporates fragments and elements into her designs, creating wearable, historic treasures.

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