Rachel Ruysch | 11" x 14" Giclee Art Print

Designer: Rachel Ruysch

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About the Artist | Rachel Ruysch
(Written by Jess Love, Anemoia founder, as part of a project in her Art History course, about this very piece):

Rachel Ruysch is such an inspiration to me, both for her beautiful and meaningful artwork, and her life. She was a female artist in a world dominated by men, a mother of ten children, and a profoundly talented artist. Beginning her apprenticeship at the mere age of 15, and producing her first paintings at 18, she produced over 250 paintings throughout the course of her life. As an aside, she was also very close to her
father, a fact which resonates with me and holds a special place in my heart. Ruysch’s art was even my sole inspiration for an entire project that I did in one of my interior design classes.

As you can see in the painting shown here, Flower Still Life, Ruysch was highly adept at painting realistic, detailed, scientifically accurate flowers. Her paintings even included such realistic details such as insects, wilting flowers, and bitten leaves. Though seemingly innocuous in subject matter, the paintings are actually full of philosophical symbolism and religious iconography upon deeper inspection. Themes such as the
fleeting nature of material possessions and worldly pleasures, the shortness of life, and even the Holy Trinity, are present in these beautifully informal and asymmetric floral arrangements.

Fortunately, Ruysch’s talent was recognized during her lifetime, unlike so many other historical artists. Her work was in high demand, and regularly sold for more money than the works of Rembrandt. She was called “Holland’s art prodigy” and “our subtle art heroine” by contemporary Dutch writers.

  • 11x14" fine art print
  • 200gsm museum grade fine art paper with a textured, matte finish
  • Giclée printed using water-based inks
  • Sustainably sourced paper from FSC approved forests
  • Shipped in a cellophane bag with a backing board for stability and safekeeping

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