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  • Arista™ Dinner Candles by Root Candles are one of our most elegant dinner candles. Arista™ candles burn cleanly, evenly and virtually dripless. With Arista™ candles, you're assured the optimal lighting for your entire meal, no matter how many courses you serve.
  • Our Grecian finish, inspired by the symmetry of ancient Greek columns, captures soft light and contrasting shadows for a dramatic effect on your dinner table.
  • At dinner parties from Manhattan, NYC, to Manhattan Beach, California, our classic Collenette dinner candle is a time-honored favorite. Root Collenettes have a distinctive, formal profile that lends itself to traditional, formal presentation. A wider diameter virtually assures a flawless performance by eliminating drips. The 1-1/4" tapered base is compatible with most fine candle holders.

About Root Candle Company:

For over 150 years, Root Candles has celebrated an illustrious history, starting with its founder Amos Ives (or A.I.) Root, whose emphasis on honesty, integrity, and diligent craftsmanship continues to drive the company today. The A.I. Root Company, founded in 1869, revolutionized beekeeping worldwide through inventions that allowed for the mass production of honey, making the city of Medina (Ohio) famous as the founding place of the “Bee Industries”. Root wrote a beekeeping encyclopedia, The ABC’s of Bee Culture, now commonly referred to as “The Beekeeper’s Bible.” He also started a trade magazine, Gleanings in Bee Culture, in 1873 that is still published today.

In the 1920s, Ernest and Huber Root inherited the company, creating innovations in candle-making by hand rolling strips of beeswax to prevent melting or sagging. Made of 100% beeswax, their candles were known for purity and quality, particularly by churches around the nation. The company created special safety-wicks and draft proofing to reduce the dripping of hot wax, setting new quality standards for liturgical candles used around the world. In the late 1960s, Root Candles was among the first to add color and fragrance to votive candles, now among the company’s best-sellers.

The company is currently led by the fifth generation of the Root family, Brad Root, President and Chairman of the Board. Root Candles produces approximately 20 million candles a year. Each candle is hand-crafted in America by artisans using processes mastered through five generations of craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. Wicks are custom-woven on-site and many of the candles are made with domestically harvested pure beeswax.

For over 150 years, Root Candles has crafted candles of uncompromising quality in Medina, Ohio prompted by Amos Ives Root’s passion for bees, beekeeping, and honey. Today, Root Candles still relies on the purity and naturalness of beeswax and bees that inspired Amos Ives Root all those years ago. Root Candles remains true to its past by focusing on what we know best – beeswax. Our candles are made with an all-natural beeswax blend. Our fragrances contain essential oils for a long lasting, aromatic bouquet that is always true to nature. We use 100% natural fiber wicks that we braid on-site ourselves. A Root candle is clean burning, long lasting, elegantly designed, and luxurious.

Today, Root Candles can confidently lay claim to making "The Best Candles in America.” 

The Helen Keller Story:

Amos Ives Root was the iconic Renaissance man. Entrepreneur, inventor, scientist and humanitarian, A.I. Root had a direct influence in the lives of many famous Americans. After learning about the advances in educating blind and deaf children and contributing to help that effort, he received a four-page letter from Helen Keller thanking him for his kindness and support. For the rest of their lives, they remained close, personal friends.

The Wright Brothers Story:

Amos Ives Root was closely connected with the birth of aviation. In 1904, he personally visited and followed the work of Orville & Wilbur Wright. In fact, he was with the Wright brothers the first time they flew at Huffman Prairie near Dayton, Ohio. When he submitted an account of that flight to a leading scientific magazine, he received no acknowledgement. So, in typical "can-do" fashion, A.I. published the article himself in his magazine, Gleanings In Bee Culture. This turned out to be the first published account of the Wright Brothers historic accomplishment.


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