French Shaving Soap

Designer: Panier des Sens

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An ancestral beauty secret used since ancient times, it is known for its unique nourishing, protective and softening properties. Cultivated in Haute Provence, on the Valensole plateaux, this organic PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) olive oil is ECOCERT certified.

  • With its plant-based cleansing base, this beard soap gently cleanses and prepares the skin for shaving.

  • Enriched with vegetable oils and sulphate-free, beard soap preserves the skin's natural hydro-lipidic film to cleanse it without drying it out. The skin is clean, clear and fresh.

  • Formula composed of 97% of ingredients of natural origin.

  • Active ingredients of vegetable or mineral origin, both ingredients and formulas exclude any animal testing.

  • Package includes 1 Shaving Soap and Made in France

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