Wave | Diffuser {250 mL}

Designer: Anemoia & Co.

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Cool blue saltwater notes, infused with crisp Meyer lemon and orange rind, are warmed by bright rays of sun and glistening sand. The ultimate beach excursion. Introducing the Rivet Collection, inspired by the connective power of fragrance. Galvanized by the rivets that move us through land, air and sea, we deliver a modern collection, connecting design and destination. Utilizing apothecary inspired bottles filled with exquisite fragrance, the scent permeates the air via our signature reeds which are inserted into the bottle. The reeds absorb the fragrance and subtly distribute it throughout the air, providing lasting, beautiful scent. Flip reeds every day for more intense scent or once a week for more subtle fragrance.

Scent Analysis: 

  • Top: Ozonic Marine Notes, Meyer Lemon, Orange Rind
  • Middle: Palm Leaf, Lemon Blossom Gin 
  • Base: Cedarwood, White Musk, Juniper

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