Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

We are quickly approaching our one-year anniversary, but if that wasn’t exciting enough, we have even bigger news…

We’re getting a bigger store!

That’s right… we’re moving on up (the road - just a bit). We have been squished inside of 1,000 sq. ft. for the last year, and our first anniversary seems like a fine time to stretch out with some much-needed extra space - more than double, in fact!

So I wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts and excitement with you, because, for one - none of this would be possible or meaningful or worthwhile without you, and two, we’ve gotten some mixed reviews about the news so far.

Let me start by introducing you to our new home (for at least the next 5 years), and what we love about it.


Logistical stuff... It’s just 2 short miles down Blanding, in the Ridgecrest shopping center (where the Ollie’s, Dollar Tree, and Teen Challenge are located; among many others - more on that in a bit). It’s on the same side of the road as our current location. The parking situation is a huge improvement, and the parking lot is easy to get in and out of. All of these factors were big considerations while we were “shopping” for a new shop. We wanted to make sure it was close and convenient for you.


Now for the fun stuff... It’s 2,400 square feet, y’all! That’s over twice as much space for:

  • the only-at-Anemoia goodness/weirdness you know and love 🎁
  • a dedicated class space
  • a legitimate stock room 😍
  • a customer bathroom (instead of a backstock overflow closet that happens to have a toilet in it)
  • an actual office - so I can, you know, run a business (without making a huge mess of the class space. Although... makers' gonna make {a mess}. I'm still me, and I've always got 27 projects going at once, soooo no promises on that one.)
  • a hang out/loungey space
  • AND… 🥁 drumroll, please… a COFFEE BAR! (and maybe smoothies if I can get Jackie to teach me how to make them. Otherwise y'all might only get smoothies when Jackie is working, lol.)

We’re already bouncing around ideas like game nights, book signings, more classes, makers' markets, product demos, tea parties, etc. etc. etc.!

  • And the window space! Oh, the displays I've been dreaming up with all that window space! 
  • Small business neighbors - I'm super excited about this one. I have some great neighbors now - namely Janice and Robin from Gary & Co. (y'all gotta help me talk them into joining me down the road!), but that whole corner of the shopping center is nothing but other small business owners. I'm hoping we can join forces and maybe even plan some fun stuff together for our customers!

So as you can see, there's a lot to be excited about. Moving on now to the questions/comments/concerns part, here is some of the feedback I've gotten so far when I've shared the news.

  • Will we have more exposure?
    No, if anything, we'll probably have less. And I am so touched that y'all care enough to think about these things on our behalf! It means so much to me that you want to see us stick around, and succeed. So we are really going to need your help spreading the word (even more than you already do - because y'all are rockstars like that).
  • Why so far away?!
    C'mon, guys, it's 2 miles (which is only 1.74 nautical miles. Or 10,560 feet, 3520 yards, 3.219e+12 nanometers, whatever that is - you get the point...)AND it's in the opposite direction of all that OP traffic... y'all got this! Don't forget about us over there! I made it a point not to move to Fleming Island, Oakleaf, or even 17, because I wanted to be no more than a hop, skip, or jump away from where you're used to us being.
  • Will it still have the same vibe if it's bigger and more organized?
    This one cracks me up (Anemoia = disorganization + chaos). Yes! It will absolutely be the same vibe, because the vibe is genuine! It's not something we found on Pinterest or Instagram and forced it to happen - it's just US, and YOU - it's what we do! I don't think there's any escaping it, no matter how big of a store, office, or stock room we find ourselves in. I have an irrational aversion to empty space - so worry not dear hearts, our new shop shall overfloweth. I'm going to end up trying to put a petting zoo or Cirque de Soleil in there if I feel like we have adequate floor space. 
  • How are you going to move ALL THIS STUFF?! 
    How do you eat an elephant? In a taco! No, one bite at a time. Actually, just don't eat elephants. They're cute, smart, cuddly, and endangered. But to sort of answer this question a little better - we've already started moving it! We have a plan (that will probably not go smoothly, because when does moving ever go smoothly?), but it's a plan nevertheless.

In the meantime, you can help us have less stuff to move by shopping our weekly moving sales - win, win! We're doing not one, but TWO items of the week through the end of September. And by "item" of the week, we mean entire "departments" of the store - up to 20% off! It's never too early to start your Christmas shopping, so come by and snag some deals (and check on the girls at the shop for me)!

Seeing as how we are opening in just over a month, you probably won't be seeing much of me at the current store (which is lame, because I miss you guys already). BUT! Once we're open at the new store, I'll probably be there 24/7, because I'll have an office, finally! 

Be sure you're receiving our emails and/or getting notifications on social media, so you don't miss out on all the fun stuff we're planning in October for our 1 Year Anniversary and Grand Re-opening Celebration!

I've also started this blog so that you'll have a central place to check for updates AND follow along with the progress on the new store, because who doesn't love some good before and afters?!

Do you have any questions/comments/concerns to add? Are you as excited as we are?! We genuinely want your feedback - about this and literally everything else we do - because as I mentioned above, none of this means anything without you! So I hope you'll stay on this journey with us, full steam ahead (2 miles away and all)! 


All the very best, 
Jess Love & the Anemoia Crew





I am SOOO happy for you. It’s going to be the most amazing place. Can’t wait to see it. If you ever need help I’m here!

~Kasey Young


congratulations on the big move! how exciting 🎈


Good luck with the move and glad everything is going good


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