Penn Chemists

Founded in 1898 during the Gilded Age by brothers James and Ezra Winston, Penn Chemists was a Pennsylvania apothecary that specialized in the retail and wholesale trade of patent medicines, house-made tonics, elixirs, and scented candles that proclaimed to be the cure for all of life's ailments. The brothers enjoyed immense success with their "aromatic remedies", and were known coast-to-coast for the rare and obscure fragrance oils that they imported from around the world. 
That all ended in 1906 when the enactment of the Pure Food & Drug Act, which put an end to Penn Chemists and "quack medicine" as we now know it to have been. James and Ezra drifted into obscurity over 100 years ago, but we've brought them back to life with a modern approach and an admirable nod to their original creed. 
Today we present the same complex recipes of rare, exotic, and peculiar fragrance oils that were originally used, and blend them with strictly pure, natural soy, coconut oil, and organic beeswax base, which offers persuasive scents that burn long and evenly. We pride ourselves on waxes that are infused at a higher concentration of fragrance oils than most other companies, ensuring a more compelling and lasting scent throw. Unfamiliar and mysteriously distinct scents that will transport your mind and seduce your senses... still proudly and painstakingly hand-poured, drop by drop, in Pennsylvania, USA.
"Our world-renowned and meticulously selected aromatic extracts and formulated fragrances have been before the public and demand first-class ingredients in every respect. We trust to be favored with your complete satisfaction, and guarantee that a trial will prove their merits." - James Winston, 1898