Traveler's Notebook Care Guide

TRAVELER’S notebook consists of a cut cow leather that is tanned using vegetable tannin and a small tin-made component attached on a rubber band. Tanning the leather by vegetable tannin is a delicate process as it easily highlights the wrinkles and scratch marks. However, the process is completely eco-friendly, and gives our products an authentic character that evolves over time. The leather used for the TRAVELER’S notebook has oil seeped inside, creating an incredibly soft finish. This process was chosen to ensure the notebook has a very natural feel when you hold it in your hand. Please understand that there might be some small scratches and wrinkles on the cover. This was done deliberately which ensures the longer you use it, the more the color will enhance. You will notice the color of the cover will deepen and the scratches will be less noticeable over time.

The color dye of the leather is a natural organic process, so there is a risk of the color transferring to an adjacent object when it becomes wet or gets rubbed. When the leather becomes wet through rain or sweat, the color may transfer to your clothes or bag, so please be aware when using. In the event it gets wet, please use a dry and soft cloth to absorb the water soaked inside and dry it out in a shaded area as opposed to directly in the sun. Please avoid using water, benzene, and thinner for this leather. When preserving it, please be aware of any moisture, dirt, and sweat that is on the leather, and store it in a dry place. The best practice would be to store our notebook away from other leather and vinyl products to avoid the color transfer or them sticking together.

The tightness of the rubber band can be adjusted by changing the position in which the knot is being made. Please adjust to your desired length.

When you receive your TRAVELERS notebook, there may be some white powder like substance on the cover of the notebook. This is simply just oil appearing from the change in temperature. This will disappear by either warming the surface by using a hair dryer or wiping it with a cloth. Also, if the smell of the oil bothers you, then please dry it in a cool and dark environment for a few days. This will mitigate the smell as much as possible.

The oil which appears as a white powder will blend into the leather over through its use, but in case you’re worried about it, it will disappear by adding heat to it.

TRAVELER’S notebook can be used without maintenance, but if you are worried about the scratch marks or the leather drying up over time, then you can just administer almost any leather cream sold in the market. By using this, the color of the leather deepens and becomes more polished. This will prevent the scratch marks from showing up. Before applying to the entire notebook, give it a test on a small portion of the notebook to ensure it is the look you are trying to achieve.

** TRC USA recommends Renapur, a German-made leather care cream that is perfect for maintaining your TRAVELER’S notebook.

The example above shows the portion that has had leather cream applied.

Above are two examples of a TRAVELER’S notebooks that have been used for at least five years.

The magic behind TRAVELER’S notebook is that depending on how you use it, the expression and the texture of the leather varies over time. The longer you use TRAVELER’S notebook, the more personality it exhibits, ensuring every notebook is unique and personal to the traveler using it.